I’m Not Falling for it: Kids Play Outside

Everyone down to my grandmother (generalize much?) says they don’t see kids play outside anymore. They only want to play video games or sit inside on the computer. My son is nearly four. He loves watching t.v. shows. When I tell him it’s over, he has a tantrum like that kid did in the grocery store. You know who I’m talking about. He thrashes his whole body while exploring the potential of his lungs. I know. Who is his mother?

The same thing happens when I tell him it’s time to come INSIDE.

I wanted to write a blog about getting kids active so we can make a community effort to reduce childhood obesity and the terrible things that go along with it, but I realized that adults are a major part of the equation. Monkey see, monkey do. Kids do love playing outside and get just as upset when we tell them to come in. So let’s give them a chance. I’m going to focus on how families can get outside for 30 minutes every day in every season. It doesn’t sound like much, so I hope to see you out there.

What do you do with your kids outside?


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